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WELCOME to the Grrrowl Time Site!


ENJOY!  Oh... and have fun!  That is what HOCKEY is all about!  So COME ON IN...
Let's have a great HOCKEY TIME  together!

Hey all... um... how do I say this??  Joe DiMaggio (sp?) was the greatest baseball player of his time.  When he retired he had a great reason to... he could no longer be the "Joe DiMaggio" that he once was.  He would hurt the team more than he would be helping them if he stayed... so he retired.  (or use Wayne Gretzky instead of DiMaggio if you want to be a hockey nut *wink*)
So, pretty much what I'm trying to say is this... Grrrowl Time is retiring.  She's gotten old (yes!  a year is old!!!!!  she can't run any more!).  Grrrowl Time cannot fully function as it once had.  I'm sorry about this guys... I just don't have the time or effort anymore.  
I still love hockey, and I always will, but school is much more important to me.  Also... I don't even update Grrrowl Time anymore... the Roster Page still has such faces as Colin Pepperall, Roger Trudeau, Sean Venedam, and Simon Gamache (oh, and let's not forget Tyrone Garner, Steve Rymsha, Ryan Stewart... and everybody ELSE from LAST YEAR!).  
Maybe, if I ever have time at the end of the season... I'll create a new Grrrowl Time.  :)

All of you on the "GT Newsletter List" I'll still keep your email addresses and I'll start sending Newsletters maybe around January, February, or March of 2003.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I really wish I had more time... to tell you all the honest truth... I couldn't tell you everybody's name on the Grrrowl roster right now.  I can name a few that are new and everybody from last year... and that's it.  I just don't have the same passion right now.  
Also... if you've never been to the following site (which you probably have if you are a GrrrowlFan!!!!) I suggest you going to it.
It is a great site and is always being updated.  I can't compete with it at all... I appreciate every single one of you who came to my site, helped me with it, checked my spelling, and gave good constructive criticisms.  I love you all!  (You know who you all are!!!!)

Thank you all again, from the bottom of my little ol' heart!
Jess :)

I wish all the luck in the world to the Grrrowl.  Also, I hope all of you have a great day and remember that I still love hockey and that Grrrowl Time *MIGHT* come back.  I highly doubt this... but I'll make a stab at it later on in the hockey season.
I'm just really busy... again...
I'm sorry and I thank you for coming to Grrrowl Time and sharing the wonderful sport of Grrrowl Hockey in Greenville, South Carolina with Grrrowl Time!!!

The Greenville Grrrowl are the 2002
East Coast Hockey League      *Kelly Cup* Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
WOOHOO!  *throws confetti*toots horn*more confetti*hugs*screams*even MORE confetti*  :-D  GO GRRROWL!

Kelly Cup Finals... Grrrowl sweep series against Dayton 4-0.

APRIL has the *new* FANS OF THE MONTH UP!!!!!!!  Yet another plural!   Special Stuff

Playoff Players of the Year!  Special Stuff   Oh, Simon Gamache and Tyrone Garner were the Co-MVP's!  :-D  How cool, eh?

right here~~~~~~~~> Kelly Cup Playoff Stuff

The Grrrowl WIN the Mississippi series 3-1.  GRRROWL ARE SOUTHERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS!!!!!  Next opponent... the Dayton Bombers!!!

Dayton Bombers beat the Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies 3-1 in their Northern Conference Finals.  Grrrowl will face the Dayton Bombers for the Kelly Cup.

Grrrowl WIN Pee Dee series 3-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here we come Southern Conference Finals!!!!!!!!

GRRROWL WIN Florida Series 3-2 in GAME 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO BOYS!  Awesome display of "Who Rocks The HOUSE!"

Regular Season Stats are up!  Roster

GRRROWL CLINCH DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!  GO GRRROWL!!!!!!!!!!  That is the GRRROWL we all knew was in there!

I'm doing something special now... if you would like to be subscribed to the "GRRROWL TIME"Bi-Weekly Newsletter you can just e-mail me *Contact* and I'll will add you to the list.  The Newsletter will have little tidbits of Grrrowl info... who's on a streak... and updates for Grrrowl Time!  And anything else that I think any Grrrowl fan (or hockey fan in general) would like to know about!

You are puck # [Tripod Counter] that was thrown into the crowd!  THANK YOU!

*Don't take my stuff... it's called PLAGIARISM!  You can get in big trouble if you don't ask me, especially if I find out!  Please ask... I'm a really nice person and will let you use it on your site... I promise... but ONLY if you ask first*