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Kelly Cup Playoff Stuff
This is only going to be done for the playoffs.

*Hope you all liked this... it will stay up during the off-season.  But as soon as the pre-season starts up this will come down.

**The Grrrowl won the Kelly Cup.  What more could you ask for?  Not a thing... absolutely, positively not a thing.  Even if they did win it on the road it was great.  Bill really made me feel like I was right there with the guys.  I can't think of anything to say, but we all know what it feels like to be *champions* and it feels grrreat.  
"Teammates come and go, but champions live forever." ~Nick Vitucci, Grrrowl Assistant Coach... that's what one of Nick's teammates said one year.  Nick told the guys this, and it couldn't be more true.  
Special thanks to the Grrrowl for such a great season.  May you all have the best of luck wherever you all may go.

***When the series is over and done with, no matter if we win the Kelly Cup or not... we will know that this truly has been the BEST Greenville Grrrowl ever to pass through Greenville, and this year has brought many memories to us all.......  ALRIGHT!!!!!  Enough with all this mushy, crying crap... LET'S GET IT ON!

****GO GRRROWL!  Let's get "CUP CHEESY!"  hehe... gotta love it...

*****Okay, so far the Grrrowl have stood strong to the opposing forces.  Now comes the biggest test of all for the guys... another team just as good.  No matter how we look at this, Dayton is a great team.  I mean, they have made it to the Kelly Cup Finals as well.  We can't just think they are going to be an easy task, because they won't be.  We have to come out strong on EVERY shift and do NOT let down our defense and goaltending.  Our forwards have to be strong and step up to Dayton's defense.  Easier said than done, as everything always is in the playoffs.  But, I have faith that we can win, the guys just have to find that faith and keep that faith to win.  If we get that drive, nothing can stop the Greenville Grrrowl from winning the Kelly Cup.  
After this season is all said and done with... I know I will be happy no matter what the outcome.  (BUT STILL... no excuse for them not to win this thing!  No matter if I'll be happy at the end of the season or not.  hehe... just a lil' bit of info there.)
So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.