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Grrrowlin' Interactive
Oh, yeah... come here for ALL of your Interactive fun!  I'm looking for new and cool stuff for this page!  So keep coming back often!!!!!

Poll #3: (Which Northern team do you think will make it to the Kelly Cup Finals?)  26% of you thought Trenton would make it to the Kelly Cup Finals.  Another 26% of you thought that Johnstown would make it to the Finals.  And also tied at 13% were Charlotte and Atlantic City.  (Only 2% thought Dayton would make it... hmmmm... )

Poll #2:(Who do you think will have the most points at the end of the regular season?)  49% of the votes were for Martin Masa.  25% of the votes were for Roger Trudeau.  Good job guys!!!

Poll #1 (Who is your favorite player who has played in a previous season with the Grrrowl?) is now closed... Martin Masa won with 30% of the votes.  Ryan Stewart was in close second with 20% of the votes!  Congratulations you two!