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Puckbunny Page
I personally... am NOT considered a puckbunny.  But... this is just a page... that I thought would be fun to do.  This is where all your questions of Puckbunnyism will be answered.  And for all you puckbunnies out there... NO SHAME!

Pic thank you to Palooka!

Alright all you PB's!!!!!!  Grrrowl are the ECHL Kelly Cup CHAMPS!  Which means you can clap and cheer for them now!  :)
Since hockey isn't in season anymore... no more Lessons.  But come back next season to see what else you can learn!!!!!!

Definition of a Puckbunny:
A puckbunny is actually classified as someone who does not know what a +/- is.  And for all of you puckbunnies reading this... that means... plus/minus.   

*Side Note*  And, no... I'm not gonna tell you what a plus/minus is... you have to figure it out all by yourself.  

*coming soon*  
More Puckbunnyism stuff...