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I will be adding more of these.  Just so EVERYONE knows... these are the various DOG POUND CHEERS!  I didn't make any of them up... I made a dance up, but this isn't DANCE... this is CHEERS (where everybody knows your name)!  Okay then... running kinda low on these... e-mail me if you know a cheer that I forgot.  You will get full credit and all that good stuff!

When the game (or a period has just began):

When the Referee makes a stupid call:
   I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a Ref (repeat until Ref becomes insanely mad and stomps off crying to his Mommy)
   A rope, A tree.  We need a Referee!     (repeat until the Ref starts calling everything on the other team)
   HEY REF!  Stevie Wonder called... HE WANTS HIS EYES BACK!  (this one is just fun)

   (get a loud mouth, or a lot of people to scream this) Who rocks the house? (then EVERYBODY say this)  <Insert Name of Player who scored goal> ROCKS THE HOUSE!  (now don't say "Insert Name of Player who scored goal" as the player... that would just be stupid)

Other Cheers:
   LET'S GO GREENVILLE!  *clap clap clapclapclap*  (repeat a few times)
   AOOOOGAAAAH AOOOOGAAAAH DIVE, DIVE, DIVE! (when an opposing team member dives... because that just ain't right)