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Hockey Info
Hey... wanna know some hockey stuff... here are the most important facts...


Some info on Greenville's hockey team...

Where do they play?      
The Bi-Lo Center

Who are the affiliates?  
Boston Bruins, Atlanta Thrashers, Providence Bruins, Chicago Wolves

How many people can go see a game... at one time?
14,108... so bring your friends!!

What colors do the Greenville Grrrowl wear?   
Black, Gold, White, Purple, and Silver


So... what teams do the GRRROWL play?

Arkansas RiverBlades
Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies
Augusta Lynx
Baton Rouge Kingfish
Charlotte Checkers
Cincinnati Cyclones
Columbia Inferno
Columbus Cottonmouths
Dayton Bombers
Florida Everblades
Greensboro Generals
Jackson Bandits
Johnstown Chiefs
Louisiana IceGators
Macon Whoopee
Mississippi Sea Wolves
Mobile Mystics
New Orleans Brass
Pee Dee Pride
Pensacola Ice Pilots
Peoria Rivermen
Reading Royals
Richmond Renegades
Roanoke Express
South Carolina Stingrays
Toledo Storm
Trenton Titans
Wheeling Nailers


Here are some call's or penalty's you might hear over the PA...

ICING-when the puck is shot from behind the redline (big red line at the center of the ice) to the opponents goal line (also red... but found next to the net) and does not go to net
CHARGING-when a player takes more than three strides before checking an opponent
BOARDING-when a player violently puts an opponent into the boards
INTERFERENCE-when a player does "something" to an opponent who does not have the puck
KNEEING-when a player uses a knee against an opponent (not popular but can still be called)
MISCONDUCT-when a player gets either 2 major penalties in a game or a player does various forms of bad things
CROSS-CHECKING-when a player has both hands on a hockey stick (stick is off of the ice) and hits opponent with stick
HIGH-STICKING-when a player uses stick above shoulder to hit the puck or the opponent
ELBOWING-when a player uses his/her elbow against an opponent
TWO-LINE PASS-when the puck goes over two lines during a pass
ROUGHING-called when two players either fight or shove... or not play nice
HOLDING-when a player holds onto an opponent or his equipment
SLASHING-when a player swings his hockey stick at an opposing player and hits him
HOOKING-when a player hooks his stick on an opponent
TRIPPING-when a player trips an opponent with a hockey stick, an arm, a leg, or anything that can cause a player to trip
OFFSIDES-when a player enters the opposing teams zone before the puck
UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT-when a player just isn't being nice and does something either unsportsmanlike or not in the book
FIGHTING-probably the fan favorite... called when two players decide that they would like to go at it, and if they DO actually fight... this penalty is given five minutes... normally you cheer for your guy to 'open up a can of... well you know'

SOME TERMS during the GAME:

FIVE-MINUTE MAJOR-when a player does something really bad... more often than none this is called after to players have been fighting... (punches thrown, blood falling, etc) but the player will sit in the penalty box for the entire five minutes  
Puck-little black rubber thing that is used as the "ball," players move it with a hockey stick and try to get it in the goal net
Hockey Stick-scores goals, can get you a penalty, and must be used (okay if dropped... just yell at your teammates to hand you another one)
Net-protected by a goalie or goaltender... if the puck goes in... it's a goal (point)
Goalie/Goaltender-probably the most important position... this player stays on the ice the entire game (unless injury or something else happens)... this player keeps the pucks out of the net and uses A LOT of special equipment
Defensemen-two on the ice at a time... these players try to keep the puck away from their net and goaltender (okay, pretty much the zone)
Wingers-normally two on the ice... can have one or none on ice (depending on penalties)... two different types of wingers (left and right)... these players move the puck from the sides of rink (don't necessarily have to stay on specific side)
Center-one on ice at a time... tries to win face-off's for team... normally works center of ice and tries to break up plays from opposing teams
Face-Off-when one of the officials (three... one Referee and two Linesmen) drops the puck on a face-off circle for play to begin
Face-Off Circle-where play begins... the red dots on the ice surrounded by a big red circle
Checking-using the hip or shoulder to slow a player down with the puck
Breakaway-when a player, who has the puck, is in front of everybody except the goalie
Drop Pass-when a player, who has the puck, leaves the puck behind for another player to get it (hopefully that player's teammate)
Penalty Box-a place off of the ice where a player goes to serve their sentence after a call by a Ref... sometimes a Linesman can put you in if it is really bad and mean
Penalty Kill-when one, or more, teammates are called on a penalty... your team goes down that many men (the least amount of players on the ice at one time, not including the goalie, is THREE... and that is when your team is down two players)
Power Play-when the other team has committed an infraction and your team is up by one or two players
Hat Trick-when a player scores three or more goals in one game
Gordy Howe Hat Trick-a player gets a goal, and assist, and gets into a fight all in the same game (pretty cool, huh?)
Freezing the Puck-when a player, or players, keep the puck against the wall with their stick or skates (when a Referee doesn't see the puck anymore he blows the whistle and a face-off follows)
Zamboni-you know... that big o' weird lookin' thing that cleans and puts more ice (well... water... but it turns into ice) onto the ice

That's pretty much all the info... but there is still a lot more... but that would take forever to put all down